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The History Of Balgownie Bowling Club

We have endeavoured to pull together key dates and events in an effort to produce this short synopsis of the history of Balgownie Bowling Club. We hope you find this both informative and interesting.

1960 On 25th March 1960 a Committee was formed for a Bowling Section of Oldmachar Community Centre.

1972 We became members of the Scottish Bowling Association.

1976 The Club changed its name to Balgownie Bowling Club.

1986 A second hand classroom unit was purchased from Cornhill Primary School. We rented the ground of a disused putting green from Aberdeen Town Council and established our own Clubhouse.

1993/94 The green was uplifted and relayed.

During the intervening years the members have upgraded the premises into the present first class facility. Thank you to those who had the foresight in the early years to envisage and fight for the facilities we enjoy today.

We have been most fortunate in that much of the improvement works have been undertaken in-house. Without the commitment and dedication of those members concerned it is doubtful that we would now be in such comfortable surroundings. Our green and facilities are, indeed, the envy of many Bowling Clubs in and around the area.

Last Updated - 05/03/2013
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